Mince Pies

Puff, shortcrust, frangipane, sugar crusted, even store bought… whatever form it comes in, you will eat a mince pie over Christmas, you’ll probably eat way more than one but we won’t judge here (I’m already on 9 & counting). They’re perfectly imperfect (if they’re too perfect looking then are they even a mince pie?), often… Read More Mince Pies

Apple & Black Pudding Sausage Rolls

Light, golden, flaky pastry housing a substantial seasoned, meaty, filling… is there anything more gratuitous & comforting than a good sausage roll? A British institution, gracing picnics, parties & buffets since the dawn of time (dates may not be accurate). Big, cylindrical, hand-sized feasts or small, bite-sized, mouthfuls, it’s the snack that can be enjoyed both hot… Read More Apple & Black Pudding Sausage Rolls