Culture Collaboration

Sometimes all you need in life is a little pause, a break or respite from the everyday. Being British this usually means taking time to enjoy a cup of tea & a biscuit (or three). Tea & biscuits can help all sorts...  it's a little bit naughty & indulgent,  it's a moment of peace, it's [...]

Potted Campania

Is there anything more summery than large, colourful citrus fruits? While I'm partial do a bit of lemon most of the year round, there's something about this bitter-sweet, sunshine yellow fruit that never fails to promote thoughts of summertime when I either look at or taste it. Earlier in the summer, this lucky baker had [...]

Proudly Pink

Is there anything more summery than a fruit tart? (well other than the healthy alternative of simply fruit that is). As temperatures rise, nights draw longer & (hopefully) the sun begins to shine we are blessed with a plethora of colourful fruity offerings. It's the season of preserving, foraging & green fingers. This year I've even [...]

Treasured Slices

Olive oil, I love this fruity golden elixir. Drizzled over my salads, as a condiment , to cook flavourful dishes with... there's no escaping olive oil in my everyday life. One of my guilty pleasures is to simply pour a good glug of oil into a bowl & plunge in large chunks of fresh crusty [...]

Iconic Chew

I can't believe that its been a whole year since I made a big wonderful dent in my bucket list & visited New York. Already planning a return to the Big Apple, hopefully in 2019 (watch this space),... for now I simply have to reminisce. Such an amazing, hectic city full of life & culture [...]

Exemplary energetic

Having recently returned from a short break away in Barcelona (more on this soon) & a short spell of sunny excursions here in Wales (who'd have thought?!) I find myself depleted. Obviously adventuring around the globe, eating many pastries & walking miles upon miles exploring all the way is worth the feeling of exhaustion in [...]

Dunkable Eggs

Easter is a time of chocolate as we gift one another with chocolate eggs & treats. Each year I like to make my own chocolate eggs to give to friends & family, these do usually come in the form of my own Easter fried eggs however (me & chocolate moulds do not get on).  With [...]

Underrated Confections

Happy Easter!! It's that time of year again when we over indulge, begin to lose layers of clothing, celebrate long weekends with copious amounts of alcohol & all become chocoholics. Isn't it great?! I am one who is guilty of all of the above. I begin to reluctantly lose layers of clothing as I fool [...]

Pasiwch Y Menyn

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! Or if you're not from Wales or a Welsh speaker, Happy Saint David's Day! Saint David's Day is the feast day of the patron saint of Wales & it falls on March 1st, the date of Saint David's death. The day is much celebrated throughout Wales (even though it's not a [...]

Lucky Tang

Celebration. I'm happy to say that this is the theme in my life at the moment, 2018 seems to be working out rather well (fingers & toes crossed). Don't get too excited though as no, there's still no book deal or promise of opening up the Marmalade Teapot tea rooms just yet but I'm glad [...]