Breakfast Pancakes

Toast & marmalade aside, what do you have for breakfast when you’re feeling a little bit fancy? When it’s the weekend & you’ve got a little bit more time on your hands to make something special, it’s got to be pancakes! Thick ones, thin ones, rolled, stacked, drizzled or topped who doesn’t love a stack of breakfast pancakes?! Over the course of lockdown after lockdown, I’ve found myself making more of them than ever. As the days & weeks all just seem to roll into one right now, breakfast pancakes are my attempt to differentiate the weekend from weekdays. I suppose a part of me is also trying to replicate the joy of being able to go out for coffee & a bite to eat, one of those small things I think we all took for granted.

Whilst I may be utterly rubbish at making a barista style coffee at home, I can certainly knock us up a decent breakfast or lunch. These are my go-to, tried & tested breakfast pancakes. Requiring bare minimum ingredients , you don’t even need any eggs (remember when they were being stock piled by weirdos in lockdown 1?), I’ve always got what I need to whip up a stack. Made using bananas to bind & wholemeal flour, these really aren’t that naughty, meaning you can pile on the toppings to account for it! So whether it’s a special occasion, a weekend or, let’s face it, any damn day you need a bit of cheering up right now, this isn’t a bad way to start the day.

(makes 4-5 pancakes, depending on how large you like them)


  • 1 banana, mashed
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 130g wholemeal flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 140ml milk (dairy is fine but oat or almond work brilliantly)


  • In a large bowl or jug, mix together the mashed banana, vanilla & milk
  • Sift over the flour & baking powder & mix together until everything is smooth & well combined
  • Set a large frying pan over a medium heat & lightly oil
  • Using a large spoon or ladle, add one full spoonful of the batter to the & fry for about 3 minutes each side, until golden & risen
  • Repeat until all of the batter has been used
  • Top with something nice
Breakfast Pancakes

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