Summer has started to arrive in the kitchen with the welcome return of colourful fruits & vegetables.

Stoned fruits like apricots & cherries are some of the first to bring some juicy flavour.

Berries are starting to burst with British strawberries, gooseberries & raspberries all making a return.

Thick green stalks of outdoor grown rhubarb will be coming into their own right now, ripe for picking & crumble making.

Perhaps one of the most versatile garden veggies will be popping out this month, courgettes in all of the weird & wonderful shapes & sizes.

If you’re looking to go on a forage this month then the thing to look out for (& perhaps my favourite thing to forage all year) is elderflower.

The other beautiful blooms available this month are peonies. With a very short season & short lived blooms, these can be used in much the same way as rose petals to create pretty pink preserves.

Blackcurrants will just be coming in & ripening this month too.

For more tips on foraging for elderflower, see my tips here.

Here are some recipes to make the most of the season:


Peony Syrup


Redcurrant Friands