Welcome to The Marmalade Teapot!

Here you’ll find simple, homely bakes which celebrate the seasons. You won’t find fussy or complicated recipes that take hours to make or use rare ingredients, just comforting sweet & savoury foods for both everyday & celebrations.

All of my recipes are made using what’s available to me, from the market, the garden, allotment or store cupboard. Everything is made with care, attention & sustainability at their core. Whether it’s farm to plate eating, eating seasonally & locally or sometimes, just using up a glut to avoid any food waste.

Stick around for a year full of delicious recipes from my little Welsh country kitchen & enjoy – mwynhewch!

March Recipes

There’s definitely an air of Spring about now, little hints of what’s to come as the snowdrops fade & the daffodils emerge.

There’s lots to celebrate this month in the Celtic calendar with St David’s Day on March 1st & St Patrick’s Day on March 17th.

As colour finally starts to return to our landscape, towards the end of the month sees the re-emergence of one of my favourite springtime ingredients. The woodland floors will soon become awash with the pungent green of wild garlic.

If you’re looking for some inspiration this month then I’ve got you covered:

What’s in season for March