I’m Katie, home baker, gardener, eater & tea drinker.

A 30-something Welsh girl & proud. Yes, I speak Welsh & yes, Welsh Cakes are life.

I’m a self-taught home baker with an abnormal love of tea & marmalade (hence the name).

My baking journey all began at the ripe old age of 22, when I bought a house & basically needed to feed myself. Whilst I still love to cook, it was baking that truly stole my heart.

The first thing that I ever baked was a sad little loaf of bread. It was dense, under-kneaded, under-proved & had lost its shape, but it smelled amazing & I ate the whole damn thing the same day.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in all sorts of bakes from the bare basics to the weird & wonderful, until eventually I tore away from the cookbooks & started experimenting for myself. Finally, in 2016 I started The Marmalade Teapot, a space to save & share my recipes with, well, whoever wants to give them a go really!

I’m a keen gardener, traveller & photographer, so it was only natural that all of these passions collided eventually.

What I bake is heavily influenced by the seasons, whatever I’ve got growing in the garden or forage, a conscious effort to avoid food waste & my travels, particularly Italy, the country in which I find myself drawn back to year upon year.

You’ll find plenty of sweet & savoury recipes here to see you through the whole year, new ideas to use up excess foods & a fair few treats from my travels to boot.

Happy baking! – Katie (The Marmalade Teapot)