Summer is coming to a close as we transition into autumn, but there’s still plenty of fresh ingredients available at this time of year. Now’s the time to start storing & preserving things ready for winter.

Fruits such as plums, apples, pears, grapes, figs & autumn raspberries are all in season right now, bringing with them their darker autumnal tones.

The cucumbers, chillies, courgettes & tomatoes will be coming to a close soon so expect one last burst of summer from these.

The thing to forage for this month is blackberries, for more advice on foraging for them click here.

Cabbage, beetroot, carrots & swede sown earlier in the year will all be ready to harvest right now as we make way for the incoming pumpkin & squash.

Here are some recipes to make the most of the season:


Pickled Cucumber


Elderberry Syrup