Maple Pecan Biscuits

Loose Leaves Bring on the hot beverages! Strong, spiced, sweetened coffee, luxurious cream & marshmallow topped hot chocolates & of course my reliable, beloved cup of tea. It's getting cold & dark outside which means that I am ready to hibernate & survive on ample comfort food & tea until the new year. Milk, sugar, [...]

Earl Grey Biscotti

Culture Collaboration Sometimes all you need in life is a little pause, a break or respite from the everyday. Being British this usually means taking time to enjoy a cup of tea & a biscuit (or three). Tea & biscuits can help all sorts...  it's a little bit naughty & indulgent,  it's a moment of [...]

Easter Cookies

Dunkable Eggs Easter is a time of chocolate as we gift one another with chocolate eggs & treats. Each year I like to make my own chocolate eggs to give to friends & family, these do usually come in the form of my own Easter fried eggs however (me & chocolate moulds do not get [...]