Wild Garlic Bread

Ever since I can remember, I have loved garlic bread (who doesn’t?!). Shamefully though in my youth, I refer to the mass produced, butter drenched, garlic baguettes of the supermarket.¬†Ready-made garlic bread is often made with margarine, stuffed full of unpronounceable preservatives & throw in some chopped, flavourless parsley purely for aesthetics. Garlic is loved… Read More Wild Garlic Bread


Lethargic Summer Hunger I’m a big advocate of salads & soups,¬†especially in summertime when it’s warm, you’re lethargic & just craving something fresh, cooling & light. Sometimes though, soup needs a partner, salad becomes a side, hunger prevails & something more substantial is required to banish the pangs. It’s no small secret that I undeniably… Read More Cornbread