Cranberry & Orange Muffins

Praiseful Combinations Cranberries, a winter berry that is traditionally synonymous with Christmas, however this crimson, tart little berry has so much more potential than simply accompanying turkey dinner but once a year. Cranberries have refreshingly sharp, acidic flavour that pairs well with a little bit of sweetness. It's a flavour that I'm are very fond of, [...]

Winter Spice Cake

Limbo Month Happy new year from The Marmalade Teapot! I demolished the gingerbread house yesterday (a sad but satisfying moment), meaning that as much as I may be in denial Christmas is officially over & normal life resumes. However  I still remain in that holiday mentality for now, it's difficult to relinquish whilst the house still contains [...]

Cranberry & White Chocolate Pie

Cranberry Traditions In the run up to Christmas, as I find myself pottering around in the kitchen more & more making preparations for the big day, experimenting & attempting to stuff enough food for a month in my freezer (hello gluttony!), I fill jars upon jars with preserves.   Mincemeat for the pies, jams & [...]

Blackberry & Orange Cake

Hedgerow Farewells As the season begins to rapidly transition into Autumn browns, hot chocolates & brisk evenings (& lots of pumpkin posts), before we bid our last farewell to summer & dig out the comfort of wool quite yet, there is one last hope for us sunshine idolisers.. hedgerows. Wander to the bottom of the [...]