Lemon & Limoncello Marmalade

Potted Campania Is there anything more summery than large, colourful citrus fruits? While I'm partial do a bit of lemon most of the year round, there's something about this bitter-sweet, sunshine yellow fruit that never fails to promote thoughts of summertime when I either look at or taste it. Earlier in the summer, this lucky [...]

Summer Berry Cake

The Undefeated Baker Poeth(or hot if you're reading this in anywhere other than Wales), it has been uncharacteristically hot here in Wales this week. Summer in the UK usually consist of brief bursts of summer sun, likely for around 3-4 days (if we're lucky) before the sun retreats in defeat of grey clouds once again. [...]

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

One Of The Greats Afternoon tea, cake sales, summer fetes, the local coffee shop, all of these places have at least one thing in common, you're guaranteed to find some form of lemon drizzle/poppyseed cake on offer. No self-respecting baker would be without such a baking classic in their repertoire (owning 15+ loaf tins, I [...]

Lemon Tart

Summer Baking, Summer Faking As we're still awaiting summers grand arrival here in the UK , my kitchen has become overrun with lemons, berries & elderflower cordial in a furious attempt to simulate the belated season. My toenails are painted & the sandals are out (an effort that is only otherwise reserved for Christmas) so [...]

Lemon Blondies

Sunshine Bars For Rainy Days Being a baker, it's a safe assumption that you should love all thing's chocolate. Whilst I find no challenge in demolishing a 390g bar of Galaxy in less than 24 hours during the festive period, I've never really had the same love for chocolate in any other form that it's [...]