Summer Garden Jam

Seasonal Farewells It's over, gone, done & dusted for another year. Luckily as we mourn the loss of a summer that never truly came to be, we enter a season that I'm just as fond of, Autumn. The beginning of Autumn signals three things for me... firstly pumpkins, everything from cakes, pies & muffins to [...]


Travelling Jam We're still in the eternally long & poor month of January, but 2017 is already shaping up to be a cracking year for this baker. No, I haven't been signed to write 'The Marmalade Teapot Baking Book' or been left a large some of money from a long-lostĀ relativeĀ (it is early in the year [...]

Rhubarb & Elderflower Jam

Pink Abundance Garden rhubarb, I have a crop that despite all odds returns to the bottom of my fascinating garden every year, greeting me with its joyous pink hue. I'm no gardening enthusiast by any means but I can't help but be impressed with the perseverance of nature right outside my back door. Over the [...]

Pear Jam

The Jam Shelf Jam. The sticky, fruity, sweet substance I fell in love with & would happily eat by the spoonful as little girl. I still, unashamedly enjoy a jam sandwich today, though I may have progressed from crustless slices of processed white bread to a ciabatta roll, it's still simply bread, butter & that [...]