Christmas Cake

Traditional Stirring Stir-up Sunday is upon us once again which means that the countdown to Christmas can truly begin. First comes the excitement (yes this 28-year-old still gets overly excited with every Christmas song on the radio & at the prospect of presents) & second comes the baking.. so much baking. Every December my little [...]

Summer Garden Jam

Seasonal Farewells It's over, gone, done & dusted for another year. Luckily as we mourn the loss of a summer that never truly came to be, we enter a season that I'm just as fond of, Autumn. The beginning of Autumn signals three things for me... firstly pumpkins, everything from cakes, pies & muffins to [...]

Hot Cross Buns

Toasted Respite To say that the last month has been a little chaotic would be an understatement, it has been both distressing & wonderful simultaneously. Either way this has led me to crave home comforts (food included). There are many contributors to my maddening month... my career (or lack there of). I've been working extremely hard [...]

Apple & Marzipan Cake

Royal Experiments Marzipan, a rather Marmite food.. you either love it or hate it. Personally I have a deep fondness of this sweet confection which is made up of ground almonds, egg & either sugar or honey to form a versatile malleable paste. Reminiscent of Christmas for me, December is when my pantry is overrun with both [...]

Cranberry & Orange Muffins

Praiseful Combinations Cranberries, a winter berry that is traditionally synonymous with Christmas, however this crimson, tart little berry has so much more potential than simply accompanying turkey dinner but once a year. Cranberries have refreshingly sharp, acidic flavour that pairs well with a little bit of sweetness. It's a flavour that I'm are very fond of, [...]

Cranberry & White Chocolate Pie

Cranberry Traditions In the run up to Christmas, as I find myself pottering around in the kitchen more & more making preparations for the big day, experimenting & attempting to stuff enough food for a month in my freezer (hello gluttony!), I fill jars upon jars with preserves.   Mincemeat for the pies, jams & [...]

Cranberry Sauce

Disguised Jam Better late than never, it may seem odd to bring you a recipe for cranberry sauce post Christmas day, however there is a method to my madness as this relates to my next post: Cranberry & White Chocolate Pie. This is the same sauce that I make every year in the run up [...]

Festive Tart

The Christmas Archive It began with list...  in late November 2013, a list containing every imaginable festive bake, from yule log to panettone, was created by one ambitious baker. The list was long, extensive & full of ideas (& the occasional doodle). Over the coming years, the list became ever shorter as recipes were completed [...]

Autumn Apple Cake

The Forbidden Fruit The season? Autumn. It's fruit? Apples. Autumn is definitely the time of year when apples truly come into their own. Apple crumbles as the brisk chill of the season sets in, apple bobbing at Halloween, sticky Toffee Apples with firework displays on Bonfire Night, apple chutneys lovingly preserved in preparation for christmas [...]

Rhubarb & Elderflower Jam

Pink Abundance Garden rhubarb, I have a crop that despite all odds returns to the bottom of my fascinating garden every year, greeting me with its joyous pink hue. I'm no gardening enthusiast by any means but I can't help but be impressed with the perseverance of nature right outside my back door. Over the [...]