Winter Spice Cake

Limbo Month Happy new year from The Marmalade Teapot! I demolished the gingerbread house yesterday (a sad but satisfying moment), meaning that as much as I may be in denial Christmas is officially over & normal life resumes. However  I still remain in that holiday mentality for now, it's difficult to relinquish whilst the house still contains [...]

Autumn Apple Cake

The Forbidden Fruit The season? Autumn. It's fruit? Apples. Autumn is definitely the time of year when apples truly come into their own. Apple crumbles as the brisk chill of the season sets in, apple bobbing at Halloween, sticky Toffee Apples with firework displays on Bonfire Night, apple chutneys lovingly preserved in preparation for christmas [...]

Pear Jam

The Jam Shelf Jam. The sticky, fruity, sweet substance I fell in love with & would happily eat by the spoonful as little girl. I still, unashamedly enjoy a jam sandwich today, though I may have progressed from crustless slices of processed white bread to a ciabatta roll, it's still simply bread, butter & that [...]