Chilli & Apricot Chutney

SWEET KICKS Green fingers is something that I seem to have developed as I've aged. I've discovered the joy & sense of pride that comes from keeping my plants alive, growing my own food & generally adding a bit of colour into the garden & home (I've become a real proud plant mama). One of [...]

Christmas Cake

Traditional Stirring Stir-up Sunday is upon us once again which means that the countdown to Christmas can truly begin. First comes the excitement (yes this 28-year-old still gets overly excited with every Christmas song on the radio & at the prospect of presents) & second comes the baking.. so much baking. Every December my little [...]

St Lucia Buns

A Little Goes A Long Way Saffron, the worlds most expensive spice. It's aromatic, colourful & has a unique flavour that really can't be compared to anything. Saffron is harvested by hand from the stigmas of the saffron crocus (or flower) & it takes a very large quantity of these flowers to produce just a small [...]

Cranberry & White Chocolate Pie

Cranberry Traditions In the run up to Christmas, as I find myself pottering around in the kitchen more & more making preparations for the big day, experimenting & attempting to stuff enough food for a month in my freezer (hello gluttony!), I fill jars upon jars with preserves.   Mincemeat for the pies, jams & [...]

Cranberry Sauce

Disguised Jam Better late than never, it may seem odd to bring you a recipe for cranberry sauce post Christmas day, however there is a method to my madness as this relates to my next post: Cranberry & White Chocolate Pie. This is the same sauce that I make every year in the run up [...]

Festive Tart

The Christmas Archive It began with list...  in late November 2013, a list containing every imaginable festive bake, from yule log to panettone, was created by one ambitious baker. The list was long, extensive & full of ideas (& the occasional doodle). Over the coming years, the list became ever shorter as recipes were completed [...]

Gingerbread Loaf

Season Of Spices Gingerbread, a word that is music to my ears & is sure to grab my full attention. The festive scent, the dense squidgy texture, the perfectly balanced spices, what's not to love? Lebkuchen, biscuits, parkin, pepperkaker, elaborately iced houses there are endless variations of this spiced treat from all corners of the world. I alone must have [...]

Fudge Four Ways

Gifting Aches Sugar is a wonderful thing,  I'd almost consider it the most magical ingredient of all. There are some who deem sugar as the devil, even natural forms found in fruit (I have a severe dislike for these kinds of people) but without it, where would we be? Not only would you be lacking [...]

Peppermint Candy Cane Cake

The Difficult Extract At this time of year food is prevalent, for 31 days (at least) gluttony is key, diets are abandoned, healthy eating is but a myth, toothache ensues & chocolate becomes a staple... I love it. We're hooked on this annual routine of indulgence from a young age & I'm not ashamed to [...]