Chai Millionaires Shortbread

It's cold, it's dark & I find myself craving everything spiced, hot & stodgy... it can only be Winter. For me, baking at this time of year involves ransacking the storecupboard, lots of dried fruit, syrup & spices in almost everything (if only living off of gingerbread alone were a sustainable diet).  With half a dozen [...]


Satisfying (& totally worth it) toothache with just 4 ingredients... that's what you get with a brigadeiro. Brigadeiros are a traditional Brazilian dessert, they're super sweet, gooey, dense & covered in sprinkles, they resemble a fudgy chocolate truffle. The brigadeiro is considered a national icon in Brazil. It's origins data back to 1945 when the [...]

White Chocolate Easter Cake

Underrated Confections Happy Easter!! It's that time of year again when we over indulge, begin to lose layers of clothing, celebrate long weekends with copious amounts of alcohol & all become chocoholics. Isn't it great?! I am one who is guilty of all of the above. I begin to reluctantly lose layers of clothing as [...]

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Lucky Tang Celebration. I'm happy to say that this is the theme in my life at the moment, 2018 seems to be working out rather well (fingers & toes crossed). Don't get too excited though as no, there's still no book deal or promise of opening up the Marmalade Teapot tea rooms just yet but [...]

Cherry & Coconut Macaroons

Retro Winners Palm trees, sand, crystal waters, straw hats & cocktails... in an ideal world this would be the my summer. British summertime however has been rather unforgiving this year (not entirely surprising), so us Brits find ourselves rushing outdoors, lighting the barbecue, stocking our fridges with ciders & donning shorts at the mere hint of [...]

No Bake After Eight Cheesecake

Covert Dessert Every Christmas (yes, I know we're in late February) my very kind family always gift me a large box of After Eight Mints, due to my love of all things mint this has practically become a tradition (apart from the disappointing Christmas of 2014 which we shall not mention). Slowly word spread of just how easily pleased this [...]

Cranberry & White Chocolate Pie

Cranberry Traditions In the run up to Christmas, as I find myself pottering around in the kitchen more & more making preparations for the big day, experimenting & attempting to stuff enough food for a month in my freezer (hello gluttony!), I fill jars upon jars with preserves.   Mincemeat for the pies, jams & [...]

Fudge Four Ways

Gifting Aches Sugar is a wonderful thing,  I'd almost consider it the most magical ingredient of all. There are some who deem sugar as the devil, even natural forms found in fruit (I have a severe dislike for these kinds of people) but without it, where would we be? Not only would you be lacking [...]