Matcha Cake

Curiously Pastel Normally, when your bakes develop a green hue then it's probably best destined for the bin as it is certainly no longer safe for consumption (believe it or not but this has happened once or twice in this house). Recently however, we have seen a trend in pretty pastel coloured foods popping up on our news feeds … Continue reading Matcha Cake

Duck Egg Cake

Forgotten Eggs Easter, traditionally a religious celebration of life.. here in the UK however, it is most synonymous with chocolate eggs (this is not necessarily a bad thing). Easter eggs themselves are in essence a symbol of Jesus' empty tomb, a rather sombre thought when you're about the destroy the cheerful easter chick on your Cadbury's chocolate … Continue reading Duck Egg Cake


Perfect Porridge There's a chill in the air, anything & everything woollen have been dug out of the deepest realms of the wardrobe & the countdown to that festive season truly begins (every part of me smiles at the thought). Every week my garden is slowly beginning to resemble a winter wonderland as the frost … Continue reading Parkin