Chai Millionaires Shortbread

It's cold, it's dark & I find myself craving everything spiced, hot & stodgy... it can only be Winter. For me, baking at this time of year involves ransacking the storecupboard, lots of dried fruit, syrup & spices in almost everything (if only living off of gingerbread alone were a sustainable diet).  With half a dozen [...]


Adaptable Satisfaction If there are two types of foods that I love in life (other than desserts obviously)... the first is breakfast foods, cereals, anything toasted, muffins, oats, you name it. The second is snack foods, the thing's on which you can nibble to tide you over until your next meal, something on which to pick [...]

Lemon Blondies

Sunshine Bars For Rainy Days Being a baker, it's a safe assumption that you should love all thing's chocolate. Whilst I find no challenge in demolishing a 390g bar of Galaxy in less than 24 hours during the festive period, I've never really had the same love for chocolate in any other form that it's [...]