Leftover Pumpkin Loaf

FIBROUS CARVING Gooey, slimy, guts... this is what awaits all pumpkin carvers at Halloween. For some, it's the most tedious task, one which delays the creativity & artfulness of creating your masterpiece, for others it's an oddly satisfying ritual (yes, I am the latter). The tradition of pumpkin carving at Halloween actually originated in Britain [...]

Maple Pecan Biscuits

Loose Leaves Bring on the hot beverages! Strong, spiced, sweetened coffee, luxurious cream & marshmallow topped hot chocolates & of course my reliable, beloved cup of tea. It's getting cold & dark outside which means that I am ready to hibernate & survive on ample comfort food & tea until the new year. Milk, sugar, [...]


Perfect Porridge There's a chill in the air, anything & everything woollen have been dug out of the deepest realms of the wardrobe & the countdown to that festive season truly begins (every part of me smiles at the thought). Every week my garden is slowly beginning to resemble a winter wonderland as the frost [...]

Autumn Apple Cake

The Forbidden Fruit The season? Autumn. It's fruit? Apples. Autumn is definitely the time of year when apples truly come into their own. Apple crumbles as the brisk chill of the season sets in, apple bobbing at Halloween, sticky Toffee Apples with firework displays on Bonfire Night, apple chutneys lovingly preserved in preparation for christmas [...]

Spiced Pumpkin Cake

Sugar, Spice & Bulbous Gourds Autumn, a welcome season (once you've come to terms with summer truly coming to an end that is). I adore the inbetween seasons , as I like to call them, Spring & Autumn, these are the times of year that evoke excitement of things to come. Moody skies & early [...]