Who Am I?

Katie, a 28 year old woman from a rural Welsh town with a love of all things baked. A girl who owns more loaf tins & lipsticks than she does pairs of socks. Needless to say, I appreciate food – cooking, baking, eating, discovering, experimenting & sharing it with those around me. I can quite easily (& very happily) squander away a weekend in my kitchen. At present my little kitchen only caters for myself  (& occasionally the neighbours cats). I spend most of my days daydreaming of travels spent exploring & tasting the worlds cuisines, loading up my Amazon basket with cookbooks, entertaining thoughts of releasing my very own cookbook & opening the Marmalade Teapot tea rooms.

Why The Marmalade Teapot?

Simple, taking two of my utmost favourite things in life, my abnormal consumption of tea & my dependence on the sticky, orange breakfast preserve it was obvious.. The Marmalade Teapot.


Why Blog?

My hope is that in some small way I can inspire you to bake for yourself. It would bring me nothing but happiness if someone out there were to use & enjoy my recipes.

I also need a safe space to store my recipes. One that lies outside of my patent purple notebook full of scribbles, splatters & endless post-it notes.

Favourite Ingredients?

I have a deep & profound love of honey that would rival Pooh himself. Cinnamon & mixed spice are also regular offenders in my kitchen (a love that probably stemmed from childhood Welsh cakes). I also have a bit of a reputation for adding vegetables to bakes where I can. I find myself drawn to weird & wonderful bakes.

Favourite Foods?

Oh how I like food…

Bread has got to be the ultimate for me – the smell, the pleasure of breaking the crust, its marvelous ability to compliment any meal, where would we be without it? (thank heavens for the Egyptians!). It’s been a welcome staple in my life since childhood, passed onto me by my carb loving family. Growing up there might not have been toilet paper, washing up liquid or other household essentials but you could be certain that there’d always be bread in the bread bin for toast & sandwiches.

These days I can rarely enter a bakery without sampling whichever sweet bun or fruited loaf that they have to offer. In my house, toast with a thick slather of marmalade is acceptable at any time of day, accompanied of course with a large cup of English Breakfast.

Other than that, seafood of any kind, bananas, porridge & oats (aka the best thing about winter), olives, nuts, beetroot, gingerbread, popcorn, houmous, mints (particularly Murray) & good old rich tea biscuits.

I have a slight addiction to tea (there’s even a dedicated cupboard which truly has to be seen to be believed), this previously earned me the nickname of Lady Grey.


It’s no small secret to anyone who has visited my kitchen that I own a small library of recipe books.

I have always taken pleasure in creating things..  sewing, sketching, home decor, you name it, I’ve dabbled in it at some point. It was only a matter of time until I applied that curiosity to baking.

When I was a child my mother used to bake & decorate, sometimes the most elaborate & impressive birthday cakes. Every birthday growing up consisted of at least 3 cakes, a number-shaped cake, a store-bought cake & one of my mothers own cakes (I’ve had a lucky escape from Diabetes in life).

Lastly, I often take inspiration from everyday life. One of my favourite past times is wandering markets, whenever I visit a new place I will always find the markets or bakeries. I enjoy recreating flavours of new foods I’ve tasted, childhood memories or dishes eaten whilst traveling.

Food is like life… it has history, it’s exciting, pleasurable, provided experiences, it creates memories & emotion. Tuck in & savor it!cake-sliceAdvice?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s not to give up. Even if your creme pattissiere lets you down, leaving your attempted fraiser cake nothing more than a disappointment trifle on the kitchen floor. Grab a spoon, it still tastes amazing (speaking from experience). Give your bake a fancy french name & simply tell people that’s how it’s supposed to look (they’ll never know!).