What’s my story?

I’m Katie, the girl behind the scruffy oven gloves.

I’m a 30 year old (only just) Welsh girl & proud. Born & raised in the green, wet valleys of South Wales. Yes, I speak Welsh & yes, I like welsh cakes.

I’m a self-taught home baker with an abnormal love of tea & toast.

My baking journey all began at the ripe old age of 22, when I bought a house & basically needed to feed myself. Prior to moving out & starting my adult life though, I was absolutely determined that I would learn to cook & bake for myself.

Growing up, I rarely got the chance to bake, mainly because I grew up in small flat with a mam who really hates mess. All those times we used to make excessively decorative iced biscuits & box packets of rice paper topped fairy cakes together growing up must’ve really ruined that little kitchen.

The first things I bought for my own place (even before securing a mortgage or viewing any properties might I add) were a kettle, a toaster & a set of simple cookbooks (priorities).

Then in 2012 I finally found a home & the little kitchen in which I bake in today. It’s duck egg blue, too small & stacked with carefully balanced baking tins & utensils wherever they may fit.

When I started to learn to cook & bake though, it was the baking that I really fell in love with.

We’re huge bread lovers in my family, it was big staple in my diet growing up, so naturally this was the first thing that I wanted to learn to bake. Granted my first loaf wasn’t great (a bit flat, a bit dense & a bit crap, not that I knew) but it smelled good & it disappeared quick enough.

Several years down the line & I hate to even think how many cakes, biscuits & buns I’ve eaten along the way now but I’m still baking & learning in my little blue kitchen.

As a keen gardener, forager & market goer, I love baking & eating seasonally so you should find something to see you through the whole year here on The Marmalade Teapot as I document my makes & bakes.