Who Am I?


I eat, travel & bake way too much.

Fact: I own more loaf tins & lipsticks than I do pairs of underwear.

I’m a self-taught home baker, born & bred in sunny South Wales.

Fact: I’m fuelled entirely by tea & carbs.

Cake Collage 2

Why am I called The Marmalade Teapot?

There are two things that I simply cannot live without in this world… tea & marmalade.

It really is that simple.

At first I thought it sounded a bit naff but I’ve grown to love it & couldn’t imagine ever changing it.


Why Blog?

Hopefully my food related musings can inspire someone else to pick up a whisk or even just to learn something new.

Favourite Ingredients?

I have a deep & profound love of honey that would rival Pooh himself.

Cinnamon & mixed spice (a love that probably stemmed from childhood Welsh cakes).

I also have a bit of a reputation for adding vegetables to cakes.


Favourite Foods?


Who doesn’t love the smell, the satisfaction of breaking the crust or its marvelous ability to accompany any meal.


It’s been a welcome staple in my life since childhood, passed onto me by my carb loving family.

Give me any bakery & I’m guaranteed to leave with a sweet bun or a crusty loaf.

It’s marmalades best friend.

Sometimes I like to mix it up a bit & might opt for a banana, some rich tea biscuits or a Murray mint.

My Inspiration?

My small library of recipe books, deeply treasured (especially Delia).

I’m not content unless I’m creating something.

My mam used to make the most epic birthday cakes when I was little.


Travel, I love trying to recreate food from my travels.

cake-sliceMy Advice?

Don’t give up, nothing comes out perfect the first time you make it, just practice.

People don’t care what it looks like, anyone will eat free cake.

Just tell people that’s how it’s supposed to look.

Experiment, have fun in the kitchen.