The October three

Every October, it's safe to say that I get little over excited with pumpkins (you will notice many recipes containing my orange friend).  Pumpkins are the welcome vegetable of Winter, a  delicious sign of the colder days to come. The arrival of this gourd goes hand in hand with return of warming spices like cinnamon, [...]

Hedgerow farewells

As the season begins to rapidly transition into Autumn browns, hot chocolates & brisk evenings (& lots of pumpkin posts), before we bid our last farewell to summer & dig out the comfort of wool quite yet, there is one last hope for us sunshine idolisers.. hedgerows. Wander to the bottom of the garden, veer [...]

Pink abundance

Garden rhubarb, I have a crop that despite all odds returns to the bottom of my fascinating garden every year, greeting me with its joyous pink hue. I'm no gardening enthusiast by any means but I can't help but be impressed with the perseverance of nature right outside my back door. Over the years living [...]

That Friday feeling

Toothache inducing sweets, the stuff of your childhood dreams. There comes a point in life where your tastes change, they evolve & become more adult. Finding an appreciation of the stronger flavours the world has to offer, coffee, liquorice, alcohol, all tastes acquired with age . Although you may have reached fully fledged adulthood, have begun making health conscious decisions, dare [...]

The jam shelf

Jam. The sticky, fruity, sweet substance I fell in love with & would happily eat by the spoonful as little girl. I still, unashamedly enjoy a jam sandwich today, though I may have progressed from crustless slices of processed white bread to a ciabatta roll, it's still simply bread, butter & that all important jam. [...]

The beetroot that fooled

A controversial topic amongst many, do vegetables really have a place in cakes? YES, they most certainly do. It's no small secret that I am a keen follower in the practice of adding vegetables to cakes. Many varieties of sweet potato cake, pumpkin muffins & parsnip cake  have seen my kitchen. Vegetables are an ingredient [...]