Pork, Apple & Black Pudding Sausage Rolls

Light, golden, flaky pastry housing a substantial seasoned, meaty, filling... is there anything more gratuitous & comforting than a good sausage roll? A British institution, gracing picnics, parties & buffets since the dawn of time (dates may not be accurate). Big, cylindrical, hand-sized feasts or small, bite-sized, mouthfuls, it's the snack that can be enjoyed both hot … Continue reading Pork, Apple & Black Pudding Sausage Rolls

Halloween Cupcakes

There are but few times in the year when I actually get excited to bake something a little bit decorative & themed.... Easter, Christmas & Halloween (you may have noticed). I'm more of a fondant-fearer by nature, someone who would quite happily pass over any cupcake for something less smothered in buttercream & more substantial … Continue reading Halloween Cupcakes

Fig Jam

There's something sweet, sticky & full of hundreds of tiny seeds in season right now..... figs. Available from August through to October, these plump, pear shaped little fruits have a thin purple hued skin that encloses hundreds of tiny seeds in a succulent, fibrous red flesh. Although the seeds contained within a fig aren't actually … Continue reading Fig Jam