Earl Grey Elderflower Cooler

I may have found my perfect summer cocktail, it’s been on my mind for a while now as I wondered what would happen if I paired two of my upmost favourite flavours on this earth, Earl grey tea & elderflower. Throw some gin at it & we’re in a very happy place indeed. Refreshing is an understatement, this Earl Grey Elderflower Cooler is delightfully fruity, floral & sweet. Without the fizz of a conventional cocktail, this goes down smooth & easy, the perfect way to while away a summer afternoon in the sunshine.

Earl Grey Elderflower Cooler

(for 1 drink)



  • Add plenty of ice cubes into a large glass (for a really pretty drink, add a few edible flowers or slices of lemon to each cube)
  • Add the earl grey, gin, elderflower cordial & lemon to the glass stir everything together to chill
  • Top with a slice of lemon or edible flower to garnish

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